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時間:20230518日(星期四)14:10 – 16:00






報告題目:How Does Information Structure Interface with Syntax Processing: Evidence from a Head-Final Language


Since language plays a crucial role in our daily communication, comprehending the meaning of sentences or utterances is a significant concern. Previous research has demonstrated the effects of word order on language processing. One is that non-canonical (scrambled) word order increases the cognitive load of sentence processing; the other is that given-new information sequence is preferred. These effects reflect syntax processing and information structure processing, respectively. However, how does non-standard information structure affect syntax processing? This talk will present behavioral and neural evidence on how information structure processing incrementally interfaces with syntax structure processing in a head-final language.




報告題目:Number sense-modulated frontoparietal and salience circuits predict brain age


Number sense, our innate ability to understand numerical magnitudes, plays a crucial role in math achievement and success. However, its underlying neural development is largely unexplored. In this study, we investigated this development across 152 participants, ranging from children to young adults. We employed a comprehensive approach involving the analysis of behavioral performance, brain activation, and task-state functional connectivity, followed by machine learning methods for age prediction. We discovered heterogeneous age-related changes in neural responses and connectivity, coupled with accurate age prediction from functional connectivity data. These findings not only enhance our understanding of number sense maturation, but also underscore the potential of machine learning in such investigations.




報告題目:The Role of Relative Clause Modification on English Syntactic Processing for Chinese-English Bilingual Readers


It is a well-established fact that in English object-extracted relative clauses (ORCs) are processed with greater effort by native speakers than subject-extracted relative clauses (SRCs). In addition to the difference between SRCs and ORCs, RCs modifying the objects are more difficult to process than the RCs modifying the subjects, as Gibson et al (2005) found in their self-paced reading experiment. However, neither the memory-based accounts nor the expectation-based accounts seem able to fully explain the processing difference between the two modification types. This study aims to further understand how the human language processor works and to further investigate whether native speakers of Mandarin Chinese process English (their second language) differently from the natives under the influence of their first language. The Mandarin Chinese natives are of great interest because the distinctions between English RCs and Chinese RCs mainly stem from their modification directions. English RCs are postnominal, following the head nouns they modify, whereas Mandarin RCs are prenominal, preceding the head nouns. The findings may help us gain good insight about how L1 sentence processing differs from L2 sentence processing.

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