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講者:吳庭達 助理教授(國立政治大學心理學系)

講題:Linking Social Dilemmas and Moral Dilemmas: Are Deontologists Perceived as More Cooperative in Prisoner’s Dilemmas?

時間:20220602日(星期四)14:10 – 16:00





Social dilemmas and moral dilemmas are the two most widely studied conflicts in daily life. People in a social dilemma situation experience conflict between maximizing individual gains (i.e. defection) and maximizing collective benefits (i.e. cooperation), whereas people in a moral dilemma situation experience conflict between adhering to the norms and rules such as doing no harm (i.e. deontology) and maximizing the overall welfare (i.e. utilitarianism). This research connects the two dilemmas by investigating whether and why people who make deontological decisions in moral dilemmas are perceived as more cooperative in prisoner’s dilemmas, relative to those who make utilitarian decisions. It also examines whether and why people cooperate more with those who make deontological decisions in moral dilemmas. Across three studies, we found that, contrary to our hypothesis, people viewed deontologists and utilitarians as similarly cooperative and also cooperated with them to a similar extent. Mediation analyses suggested that perceived competence and perceived warmth may be counteractive mechanisms that drove the null effects. On the one hand, people perceived deontologists as less competent, which led people to cooperate less with them. On the other hand, people also perceived deontologists as warmer, which led people to cooperate more with them, though perceived warmth was a less robust mediator. Implications for stereotype content and conflict management will be discussed.




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