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Date 2020-02-07
  • To empower our staff crew, to elevate our research and teaching levels and to explore the other domains of psychology.
  • To reconstruct our curriculums, and to reorganize the bachelor course and graduated school courses respectively.
  • To hold a series of seminars and encourage our students’ participation. To foster the circumstance of research and study as well as the opportunity to organize an international conference.
  • To purchase and employ our equipment in the further studies. With appropriate course arrangement, we expect our graduated students’ research ability and research quality will be enhanced. Our bachelor students’ interest of research will also be raised.
  • To reinforce our connections with the oversea institutes and to enlarge our participation in different research organizations.
  • To establish a comprehensive system and a set of rules for the department.
  • To digitize our admin system is also a goal of us. In the light of NCCU’s computerization policy, we are going to purchase the equipment in order to facilitate both teaching and administration affairs.
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