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時間:20220428日(星期四)14:10 – 16:00






報告題目:How do inter-lingual homographs affect L2 sentences reading?


Evidence has suggested that cognates and inter-lingual homographs affect word recognition in alphabetic languages. Moreover, even in L2 sentences, cognates and inter-lingual homographs can affect bilingual reading such that the former facilitate, and the latter interfere reading as they do in word recognition. Besides alphabetic languages, these effects are also found during word recognition in logographic languages. Based on these findings, this study aims to further explore whether these effects could be observed during reading in logographic languages. If they exist, L1 likely affects L2 reading; if not, L2 would not likely be affected by L1.




報告題目:Dynamic maturation of brain network configuration for number sense


Number sense gives rise to our ability to approximate and distinguish between numerosities. Whilst number sense acuity refines throughout the lifespan and is consistently associated with math achievement, understanding of the neurodevelopmental maturation of number sense is scarce. Using magnetic resonance imaging methods, we examined 152 participants aged between 6 and 30 and delineated the maturational trajectories for number sense. Number sense was associated with the frontoparietal central executive network and the insula-cingulate salience network, yet they showed differentiated patterns of maturation: the frontoparietal activity increased monotonically with age; the salience network exhibited an invert-U-shaped developmental trajectory. Further, via deep learning approaches with participants’ brain responses during the number sense task, we could predict age groups with an accuracy up to 90.32%. By demonstrating the neural maturation for number sense, we provide insights into this critical mathematical ability in a developmental context and potentially contribute to early identification of deficits.




報告題目:Taiwanese psychological model for spinal deterioration disease: the exploration of pre-operative factors


Spinal degenerative disease is a common illness that happens in the elderly. The symptoms cause many difficulties of patients’ daily life and force patients visiting medical system for treatments and resolutions. However, even making the identical medical decision of operative intervention, many factors will significantly influence their post-operative outcomes, including their personality, life experience and interpersonal relationship. This study thus mainly focuses on how patients decide to accept operative intervention for dealing with their disease, and identifies different facets that behind the process of medical decision. Accordingly, a specific psychological pattern before operative intervention for spinal deterioration diseases among Taiwanese people could be pointed out.

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