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※本次演講為線上遠距形式,請於演講日使用google meet,連結為




報告題目:A clinical psychologist in neurosurgery & her research.


Neurosurgery is relatively new for application with clinical psychology. How to combine neuropsychology and psychotherapy in order to fit in the needs is a great clinical obstacle. Inspired by the clinical observation, the research was developed through qualitative method. Present data revealed the patient’s point of view about doctor-patient relationship.




報告題目:Introduction to Psychometric Network Models


There are two main approaches to analyze data in social science. The latent variable model (LVM) approach and the psychometric network model (PNM) approach. In the LVM approach, observed variables are assumed to reflect latent variables; the key concept in LVM is local independence which infers that observed variables are statistically independent conditioning on latent variables. The PNM approach assumes no latent variables but represents all direct relations among observed variables through a network structure. The PNM has become a new approach to analyze data, and often considered as an alternative approach than LVM. This talk aims to provide an introduction to PNM. The basic concepts, major categories, and network feature indices are discussed. A comprehensive practical example will be used to illustrate the major steps of PNM. The proper way to interpret the estimated network parameters and feature indices will also be present with the illustrated example.

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