• Title:2016 TSCN Annual Meeting Call for Talk/Poster
  • Post Date:2015-10-31

2016 TSCN Annual Meeting
Call for Talk/Poster Abstracts
The 2016 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Society of Cognitive Neuroscience (TSCN) will be held on January 23rd, 2016 in Taiwan. We now invite submission of research abstracts of talks and posters from all research areas in cognitive neuroscience. All submissions will be evaluated by the Program Committee. Submission will be open from September 25th, 2015, and the deadline for submission is November 15th, 2015. Notification of acceptance will be sent to the first and corresponding authors by December 25th, 2015.

Abstracts submission guidelines

Who can submit?

Abstracts are submitted through the TSCN Membership and Meeting Services System (http://goo.gl/rN32bx). To submit an abstract, the first author has to be a member of TSCN in good standing (see the Registration and Membership Fees section for details). Each individual may submit only one abstract as the first author but can be one of the authors of multiple abstracts. Once an abstract is accepted, the presenter of a talk or a poster should be the first or corresponding author of the research. Every presenter is required to complete the registration of the Meeting (http://goo.gl/rN32bx) to secure the right of presentation, or the abstract will be withdrawn. If due to unforeseen circumstances, neither the first nor the corresponding author can present the research in person, they should contact the organizing committee of the annual meeting immediately, and the abstract will be regarded as withdrawn.

Abstract Format
Abstracts can be written in English or Chinese and are limited to 300 words/characters. This does not include the title, author names, affiliations, or funding acknowledgements. The contents of the abstract should include introduction, methods, results, and conclusions. It is not required that these components are explicitly labeled as such. It is, however, important that each abstract contains sufficiently detailed descriptions of the methods and the results. Please do not submit an abstract of work that is planned but yet to be conducted. Such abstracts will not be accepted.

Topic Categories
The authors of abstracts can specify up to 3 different topic categories from the following list that best captures the theme of their study:

Sensation and Perception
Attention and Consciousness
Learning and Memory
Numerical Cognition
Development and Aging
Social Cognition
Cognitive Control
Training and Exercise
Animal Cognition
Methodological Issues

Presentation Preferences
The authors of abstracts can select from the following options for their presentation:
  •  Either talk or poster are fine.
  •  Only talk (i.e., not willing to present as a poster)
  •  Only poster (i.e., not willing to present as a talk)
Review Process of Submission
A program committee will review the abstracts. Based on relevance to the field, quality of the abstract, availability of time and space, and the preference of the author, the committee will decide whether a research abstract will be accepted as a talk or a poster.

Talk Format
Each talk in the oral presentation is limited to 15 minutes in length, followed by a 5-minute Q&A time.

Poster Format

The available space to present a poster on the poster board will be announced in the month prior to the meeting. Because poster sessions can be crowded, it is suggested to present the poster by A0 size in portrait orientation, with the poster material in columns (vertically) instead of rows (horizontally) for the ease of reading. Poster contents are easy to read using high contract colors (for example, black lettering on a white background). Pins, magnets and tapes are provided in the Meeting for mounting posters to the boards.

Registration and Membership Fees

No registration fee is required for the 2016 TSCN Annual Meeting, however, the presenters of accepted abstracts and any individual (member or non-member) who intend to attend this meeting need to register on-line at the following link: http://goo.gl/rN32bx
Membership Fee for Abstract Submission:
The first author of the research needs to be a valid TSCN member when the abstract is submitted. The membership fee is as follow:
  • Regular Member – Entrance Fee: NT$500 / Annual Fee: NT$1000
  • Student Member – Entrance Fee: NT$250 / Annual Fee: NT$500
Student membership requires the applicant to be an enrolled master or PhD student.
For any question regarding the membership status, the information can be obtained from the following link: http://goo.gl/05t1md
To become a member, please visit the following link: http://goo.gl/X4nyiM

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